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We're here with you in your justice journey.

We're here with you in your justice journey.

You don't have to do this alone

Over the past three years, we have gained experience and knowledge in how the Corrections, Justice, Police, Media, Advocacy and Parole system works. We learnt that there is little easily accessible support for those who are left behind.

So we get it, the overwhelming weight of the situation, the shame, the lost feeling, the hardship and often aloneness of the journey.

You are not alone. We are here for your journey through the system.

The main focus of Social Justice Aotearoa will be a support service for families where they can feel supported in a non judgemental and safe environment. We want to aid your whanau to know what to expect and how to navigate your justice journey.

Serving with experience

We have experienced and learnt a lot about the systems. We want to share that learning to help others. We are here to help you, the families who are experiencing lack of support entering into your justice journey with a loved one

Promoting a safe space

We ensure all individuals will be responded to in a non judgemental and safe environment.

Ready to help

The team is composed of like-minded individuals, some with direct experience in the systems and others supporting those in the system, with a notable history of working with different people from different backgrounds and experience.

We are passionate about seeing positive changes and fair treatement for all walking this journey.

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Support our work to help families who are entering into their justice journey and help providing positive change for the future of all Kiwi's.


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Let us know if you need further assistance, have experiences to share for others or an issue that needs attention. Together we can achieve more.

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Your donation really counts. Social Justice Aotearoa is a new non-profit organisation and most of the team are volunteers. The money you donate goes a long way.

We make sure no one gets left behind

Help us share knowledge and create a relatable platform to families.
  • Your monthly support can drastically help more families gain knowledge and support in the journey through the justice system.
  • Knowledge shared means families get further assistance in the corrections, justice and parole system.
  • Everyone deserves support, no matter the age, ethnicity, or reason they found themselves in the system. Everyone's one.
We make sure no one gets left behind

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How do I get in touch with someone in Prison?

If you want to email someone in prison, see details here for how to email and details about emailing

If you know the prison they're at and you need to contact that prison for further assistance, see the list of Prisons and their details here

Parole is coming up for someone I'm supporting. What do we need to do?

For all details about Parole including a checklist for preparing for parole, see here

Can you help with my loved ones case?

We are not legal professionals therefore cannot get involved in individual cases or give advice regarding a case. Please see our policies for further information.

How can I get in touch?

You can use the Contact Us page or email us at info@sja.org.nz. We'd love to hear from you

What can I send into Prison and how do I get it to the person I'm supporting

For all the details about property, see here

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