0800 Numbers

Finding the best deal that suits you and your budget can be an overwhelming task - so we've done the ringing around for you and below are the options from cheapest to most expensive. (and ones we do not recommend!)

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This company provides specifically for families connecting with someone in prison

They are by far the best option we’ve found.

- No setup Fee
- No monthly Fee
- Just $0.29c per minute (to landline, or mobile even to Australia!)
- Prepaid account with portal access

If you will speak with your loved one for over 150 minutes a month, it’s cheaper to sign up to a plan which will have a monthly charge of $5.75 and calls will go down to 0.25c/minute.


When you sign up, you will be prompted to set up a password.

This will allow you to access your portal where you can top up your account, change the number the call is being diverted to and set up notifications when your balance is getting low.

You are able to easily change the diversion number within your portal to allow the diversion from your personal number to other whanau members/friends.

Please ensure you follow the Corrections rules around who the inmate is permitted to speak to and ask the recipient before diverting to their personal number.

More info here: https://0800nz.co.nz/calling-from-new-zealand-prisons/

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  • Monthly fee of $5 for the use of your own 0800 number
  • Payphone to Home Phone: 25c/min (made up by 22c spark charge plus 3c forwarding to landline)
  • Payphone to Mobile Phone: 40c/min (made up by 22c spark charge plus 18c forwarding to mobile)

Should you wish to go with this option, please consider using our Agent Code: ****** by which we make a small commission for referring you to go800.

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0800 888 130

We would recommend Vodafone if you will need the 0800 number for longer than 12 months. 

  • Contracts are on 12 month terms.
  • No Setup Fee
  • $17.25 per month (inclusive of GST)
  • 0.28c per minute (mobile or landline)
  • You do not need to have any other account with Vodafone.
    You can set up an 0800 number on its own.

Please note: Should you need to terminate before the 12 months is up, the cost will be 65% of the remaining months in the contract.

For example, if you want to terminate after only 6 months, the cost will be 65% of (remaining months) 6 x $17.25 (monthly cost).
See more details here


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We would not recommend Spark as they require you to be on a Home or Business plan in order to set you up with an 0800 number.


LandLine Setup only
Choose ‘Home 0800’ setup

$57.50 one off setup fee

PLUS $2.55
PLUS $0.77c per call connection

PLUS $0.25c per minute

Potential cost for one 15 minute phone call could be around $4.52


0800 to Mobile

If you have a business account, you can get an 0800 number setup to go to your mobile phone.
You must sign up for a 24 month 0800 plan and if you break out of the plan early there is a considerable charge for this.
In order to get a business plan you will have to a have a company or sign up as a Sole Trader account.

The cheapest ‘Business plan’ for mobile is:

$39.99 per month

Then add 0800 number to that:

$50 one off setup fee

$20 per month fee for the 0800 number

Then $0.26c per minute in your call.


0800NZ.NET                                                                                  Thumbs down-850-12-528


This company claim to have the best calling plans in New Zealand. Upon researching their plans to gain the best information for you, we were unable to get a response from email or their online chat.

When calling their listed number, the responder was impatient and were unable to get a clear understanding about their plans - if they were monthly or how they charged per minute.

Their website is unclear and customer service is poor.
We would not recommend them to you.

The above information has been provided by these service providers and is true and correct as of March 2022. Should you find any of the information above is incorrect, please get in touch with us to let us know.