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LagLaw - Your Rights Inside Prison and On Release - downloadable PDF
This document has been created by Lawyers, Community Law advocates and people who have been in prison as prisoners or prison workers.
It provides information for the Criminal Court process, Housing and debt, Family Matters, Starting your sentence, Work/Study while in Prison, Communicating with those outside prison, Health and Disabilities, Discipline or punishment in Prison, Making complaints about your treatment, Transfers, Parole, Release and Support.

Pillars NZ
Pillars support programmes to children who have a parent in prison, their caregivers and family and whanau.

People Against Prisons Aotearoa (PAPA) 
PAPA is a prison abolitionist organisation working for a fairer, safer, and more just Aotearoa.

PARS works holistically with people who are at risk of, or are already engaging with, the justice system, including people who are about to be or have already been released from prison, deportees, youth at risk of offending, and their whānau.
We provide a range of housing, employment, wellbeing, education, cultural identity, mentoring and whānau services at a critical time in their transition back into society.

Human Rights in Prisons
See here for info

Corrections has a team of independent inspectors who check on the fair, safe, secure and humane treatment of prisoners and people detained within the Corrections system.

Corrections Feedback and Complaints:

For info on making a complaint about the treatment of someone in prison, see here: