About Us

When someone you love is faced with court or prison, we know the pressure on the family can be immense. On top of the stress and emotions that come with that news, learning what to do or how to go about things can be extremely challenging.

This is why we started Social Justice Aotearoa.

Having a history of working with all kinds of people from different backgrounds, experience communicating with lawyers and media plus a journey through the system of our own, we knew that we had to put what we know and what we've learnt to good use. We also knew we had to challenge parts of the system that in our opinion, didn't work for the greater good of New Zealanders.

This site aims to provide information and guidance wherever you are at in your journey - be it preparing for court, entering corrections and everything that entails including how to visit, property, supporting and staying in contact with your person through to preparing for their parole. We will also highlight other organisations that may be able to help should you or your person need further assistance via our Advocacy page.

We want our knowledge to be shared, so you can be prepared.

You are not alone in this. Many have paved the way before you and many will take this journey after so if you find this information helpful, consider donating to our cause or sharing us on your social media.

Equally, if you find information we may have missed that you feel would be helpful to others and abide by our policies, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

Much love,

Jackie and the SJA team


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