SJA staff
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Social Justice Aotearoa is congratulating the labour government on repealing the three
strikes law.
Jackie Foster, CEO, said “when Judges of our courts label a law of New Zealand as absurd
and untenable and simply refuse to use it, that is sending a very clear message to politicians,
this is crazy”.
Social Justice Aotearoa absolutely agrees that there needs to be consequences for actions,
but the consequences need to be common sense with rehabilitation involved, and I can
assure you that locking up offenders for longer and longer has not worked and will never
Foster also said, “if three strikes was such a fantastic deterrent and made people think twice
about actually offending, then why are we seeing more and more increased violence on a
daily basis” “It’s pretty clear three strikes was never a deterrent and was simply a power trip
for David Garrett and the Sensible Sentencing Trust”.