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Social Justice Aotearoa has spoken out in support of Children’s Commissioner Judge
Frances Eivers who said, “There absolutely needs to be a commissioner for children
and it needs to remain independent”.

Carmel Sepuloni has a different opinion and has said on Radio New Zealand, “I think
the select committee has done a very good job at listening to and incorporating
the submissions made to the select committee.”

Social Justice Aotearoa CEO Jackie Foster said, “This is despite over eighty percent of
the submissions made to the Social Service and Community Select Committee, in
charge of receiving submissions on the Children and Young People's Commission Bill
that proposes to dismantle and eradicate the role of the Children’s Commissioner, that
were against the Bill.

“Clearly Minister Sepuloni is out of touch. The vital role of Children’s
Commissioner was established in 1989 to be an independent advocate for children,
independent being the operative word.

“Removing the Commission takes away independency, and the vital voice of the
children of Aotearoa, who are the future of this country.
“All too often this government fails to listen to the people they were elected to
represent and simply does as it pleases."
Jackie Foster said, “Let’s never forget the words of Dame Whina Cooper. “Take
care of our children. Take care of what they hear, take care of what they see, take
care of what they feel. For how the children grow, so will the shape of Aotearoa.”