SJA staff
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Social Justice Aotearoa CEO Jackie Foster has called out The Platform Radio host Michael Laws social media post “as nothing but racial and separatist comments.”
On Wednesday, Michael Laws posted on his Facebook page in response to an article about the removal of name suppression of a person convicted of murdering her daughter.
He said, “More scum, more death penalty trash, more White Ribbon woke cowardice. I’ll keep saying this: note the ethnicity”.
Jackie Foster said, “We acknowledge that Aotearoa has a serious child abuse problem, but people in positions of media power should never refer to it as an ethnic problem.
“Aotearoa New Zealand needs to come together as a country and get to the heart of the child abuse problem we have and to find solutions."
"Social media posts from people like Mr Laws will never help the problem. It will only fuel racism and separatism, something we don’t need in this country right now,” Jackie Foster said.