SJA Staff
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Police Commissioner, Andrew Costa, has responded to a damming review on bias
behaviour by Police towards Māori and Pacific Island people by saying “I cant accept that
in this moment in time”.

CEO of Social Justice Aotearoa says, “ It is wrong when our Commissioner of Police say’s
“there was still not enough evidence to indicate bias existed in the system” when it is
apparent every day, and the reality is in front of the very person who can change it”.
The extensive, forty nine page, review has found Police have inherited a legacy of
Eurocentrism and white supremacy that can lead to Māori being over-represented in the
criminal justice system.
“Māori are far more likely, almost nine times more likely, to have a dog set upon them or to
have an armed response in relation to policing, and Andrew Costa needs to address this or
risk losing the faith of New Zealanders in our Police, if not already," Jackie Foster said.