SJA staff
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CEO of Social Justice Aotearoa, Jackie Foster, said in her speech to a group of over 60 supporters “Sensible Sentencing Trust has campaigned strongly to increase prison sentences, introduce the three strikes law, without wondering why crime was increasing, never bothering to seek why so many New Zealanders where so broken, providing the only solution of locking people up for longer and longer.  "The question must be asked just how sensible was that.”
Senior barrister, Lady Heeni Phillips-Williams, wife of the late Sir Peter Williams QC, attended the launch speaking to Maori television,
Lady Phillips said “Māori men will end up in prison, they are there until you can get them out and sort out the injustice before it goes further. But some don’t have that opportunity.”
Social Justice Aotearoa will only ever lobby for changes that are good for the whole country and not just what a few small minded people think. Social Justice Aotearoa will be a lobby group for all New Zealanders.