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“Alcohol is killing innocent New Zealanders and is a major attributing factor in
domestic violence, so why does it take a Knight of New Zealand to speak out
for our politicians to take note” says Jackie Foster.
Foster said, “Green Party MP, Chloe Swarbrick, is doing wonderful work with
this bill, not only highlighting the alcohol sponsoring issue, but reigniting the
real discussion of harm that alcohol does in every aspect of our community. “ I
should know, I have lived it”.
Foster went on to highlight that last year alone over sixty percent of all
domestic violence incidents were alcohol related, but still the politicians do
nothing. “I applaud the position Sir Graham Lowe has taken and can only hope
politicians do listen” Foster said.
Young people are influenced by high profile sporting teams, aspiring to be like
their heroes one day, but all too often they attribute their sporting idols to
alcohol related sponsoring.
Jackie, a regional netball representative herself, went on to say, “it really is
troubling when such harm from alcohol is in our faces everyday, but the halls of
power remain silent.”