Corrections Policy

Social Justice Aotearoa will advocate for a Corrections system that will be focused on rehabilitating people who come into the care of corrections. We will advocate for a corrections system that is whanau friendly, supportive of whanau involvement of any inmate’s rehabilitation.

A corrections system that mirrors Sweden, a system where people live like normal citizens in a house learning the skills, they need to reintegrate back into society and a system that will see reoffending reduce.

Sweden is a great example of a corrections system that is working and reducing reoffending so drastically that Sweden is closing prisons down where in New Zealand our politicians are wanting to build more. Sweden’s population is similar to that of Aotearoa so we know this can be achieved.

Currently our Prison System is graded as in maximum security, High Security, medium and Low security. Sweden is the same where they have different facilities that different security classification prisoners are sent to like maximum, medium, or low risk, but the important thing is that they are being rehabilitated and educated and taught to live like normal citizens would.

Values and Principles
Every inmate is entitled to be treated with respect.
Every inmate is entitled to receive the rehabilitation support they need as soon as they are imprisoned.
Every inmate is entitled to be single celled and double bunking must end.