Justice Policy

Social Justice Aotearoa will advocate for a just and civil society, focusing our advocacy towards supporting and rehabilitating people who come into the justice system, and providing early social interventions that help them avoid violence, conflict, and abuse.

The law benefits everyone equally and supports all New Zealanders to live their lives safely.

Values and Principles
Everyone is entitled to justice, a fair hearing, and to be treated with respect in the justice system.
Everyone should be given a reasonable chance to make up for past wrongs and to reintegrate back into society.
The law and judicial independence are fundamental values that should be protected.

Justice should be an open, transparent, and fair process and the right to justice must be protected in all its forms.

Priority policy.
Ensure that everyone before the justice system, at any stage of the process, regardless of gender, race, origin, or financial status, is treated equally, accorded due process, and without any limitation on their right to justice.
Advocate against and, if found, stop any abuse of the rule of law happening in Aotearoa New Zealand, regardless of the influence or importance of those responsible.