The purpose of the Human Rights Commission is to promote and protect the human rights of all people in Aotearoa New Zealand. We work for a free, fair, safe and just New Zealand, where diversity is valued and human dignity and rights are respected. We provide information and support for a range of human rights issues. We also offer a dispute resolution service for complaints of discrimination (based on race, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, employment/family status, religion etc) and sexual harassment.

Take a look at our website for more information about your rights and how to complain or make an enquiry

Justice for Kiwis is a group that pushes the boundaries on all family related issues; assisting families involved in Corrections, Oranga Tamariki, Policing and Justice issues.

Its founder, Scott Guthrie, has been a public speaker/activist for over a decade and is well known within political circles. He is passionate about true justice for all New Zealanders and fights for fair treatment of those incarcerated during their time in prison.

Better known as JFK, Justice for Kiwis founding statement is as follows "The road ahead is long and the climb will be steep, we may not get there in one year or even ten years but be rest assured we will get there"

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The Sir Peter Williams QC Penal Reform league is a group of volunteers, passionate about eliminating human rights abuse, rectifying injustice and helping to improve New Zealand's justice and penal systems.

It is a group of diverse, non-religious, non-governmental group of volunteers, focused on rehabilitation and alternatives to prison. The group's membership comes from all walks of life, the core being lawyers and members of the community, particularly those who have suffered injustice.

Just Us is a website simply built and put together for kids to help understand processes of courts, parents going to prison, understanding other children who have a parent in prison and what it all means

It includes simple language for kids to scroll through themselves or with their guardian and some videos and voice memos from Sesame Street and other children going through the process with their parent.