What is Social Justice to us?

Justice on its own is the concept of fairness. Social justice is how that fairness can be brought by those within society, working together.

Social justice is dependent on human rights, equality and everyone's participation.


At SJA, we believe Social Justice means that everyone’s human rights are respected and protected. Everyone has equal opportunities. 

We as a group will always fight for our key values of inclusion, support, empowerment and transparency to help create a fairer, just and open system for all kiwis in the future.


Inclusion: We endeavour to help all families and support people who have someone in the corrections system.

Support: Support and guidance for families through the system is paramount to SJA 

Empowerment: As the saying goes, ‘Knowledge is Power’. We aim to provide as much information to ensure the families are empowered with that knowledge when facing the system and can feel in control of their situation.

Transparency: We believe that transparency from us and with our families, as well as those in authority in the justice, policing and corrections systems is important to achieve change that will benefit Aotearoa and its citizens. Accountability is key to achieving ongoing transparency across the board.